Update on the Group Litigation Order against Mercedes-Benz

13:20 12/12/22 If you aren’t already aware of the ‘Dieselgate Scandal’, it was recently uncovered that car manufacturers such as Volkswagen Group, BMW, Mercedes and many more, had been using ‘cheat devices’ to mask the emissions from their diesel cars to meet regulations. This is extremely damaging, as increased levels of NOx contribute to air […]

UK Diesel Emissions Cases Reinforced by European Court ruling.

Lawyers bringing claims forward for 150,000 drivers say that this ruling concretes their vehicle claim in relation to defeat devices affected by NOx emissions. Logistics of the Legal Ruling The Grand Chamber of the European Court of Justice stated the software that de-activates emissions control systems outside a specific temperature range. Apart from limited circumstances, […]

Elementor #1492

Can you claim on Diesel Emissions? Diesel Emission claims began to rise when car buyers were made aware of cheat devices found in vehicles used to falsely pass emission tests.  As a result, eligible claimants are entitled to up to 75% compensation. It can hit any price reaching, or it hits 75% soaring in a […]