Can you claim on Diesel Emissions?

Diesel Emission claims began to rise when car buyers were made aware of cheat devices found in vehicles used to falsely pass emission tests.  As a result, eligible claimants are entitled to up to 75% compensation. It can hit any price reaching, or it hits 75% soaring in a pay-out. 

Caught in the crossfire of the Dieselgate Scandal?

You may have heard of Dieselgate. Emission tests falsely passed by car manufacturers employing cheat devices to fool legal testing. So, then of course claims surrounding began to increase. Claimants can now take tests on a firm’s website to find out just how eligible they are, and often compensation can soar up to 75%.

If you owned a diesel vehicle between 2007 and 2018. Was your vehicle misrepresented, mis-sold or falsely advertised to you? You may be unaware of the flaw, because the manufacturer benefits from your purchase by not mentioning the snag.

Joining a group claim is the smartest option for you

The reason why joining a claim is so clever, is that it’s a slim chance from impossible for you to bring a claim on your own. You need help to take it through court. Therefore, experts are employed to see these claims through to a successful case. By using Leigh Day, the expert firm we work alongside, you eliminate the stress of legal cost, no payment is asked of you providing you meet the standard rules of the process.

Bringing a claim is free. The only cost you could have in an unexpected case scenario- is payment for cost incurred by a 14-day cancellation period. Even so, this can be avoided by simply seeing the claim through, finding out the best fix we can find you, and getting your emissions case investigated.

Why choose to join Leigh Day to take your claim?

Most people will advise you to avoid firms trying to use your client role and take your money. But, in fact the reality is by joining a group claim you avoid individual legal cost. It’s the best chance you can get to fix the problem. Excellently in addition, the arrangement is No Win no Fee, so if you lose no payment is required.

Legal expense are arranged for you

If the claim runs successfully after joining, between half and a third of compensation payments are sent to the firm helping you win, you don’t pay. Hence, no win, no fee.

Technicalities state that is your claim isn’t won; you are highly unlikely to pay any sum. It can’t be ruled out, but it isn’t majority occurrence. One example of being asked to pay is if a court ruled in the carmakers favour, making you liable for legal costs- however the group claims were set up because the carmakers owed registered owners money, so this is not often the case at all. Much higher outcome of you gaining back what value you lost. This is also, covered by ATE insurance, with cover capped so again, a slim chance of paying anything. The table covers all but a select few firms certified in arranging ATE insurance to cover you from paying legal expense.

Pay-outs are based on a number range up to 75%

Potential compensation can vary in amount up to 75%. Naturally this number can change according to your individual situation. Any case can land on a settlement less or more, but you are entitled to pay-out if you qualify.

The court investigates the real loss of every claim caused by the carmaker’s omission. If your claim is successful, you’ll be paid. The smartest, logical way to think about the amount you get is, if you didn’t bring a claim, or cancelled in only 14 days incurring a small legal cost, you would be losing value, not gaining.

14 days to think about it

Fine print is important, don’t skip this. Each firm listed gives you a thinking time gap of 14 days to change your mind if you decide not to pursue your claim. Use the time to check the details, make sure everything is to your satisfaction.

As with all agreements, work starts early on be case prepared. If you decide to cancel after those 14 days, there could be a legal fee to take care of the work already done by the firm. It just depends on the firm’s conditions policy. If you’re unsure, ask questions. If you want to back out, request this in writing. Do this inside of 14 days and you won’t pay anything.

Be mindful of how long you leave the decision of staying or leaving, as the cost will increase as time goes by and work is done for you. Just be safe and keep your affairs in order.

What do you need?

Proof of ownership documents including lease or purchase paperwork you signed, they’ll ask for copies.

Your case needs to be genuine
This means you have suffered loss unnecessarily, or it was affected in some way due to the carmaker’s omission or negligence. In foresight, if you’ve completed checks and have reason to think you were mis-sold, the negatives to joining a claim appear to be lower.

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