Jaguar & Land Rover DPF Claim.

If your diesel Jaguar or Land Rover was fitted with a defected Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) system, you could be owed thousands in compensation.

Please note this is separate to the Diesel Emissions Claim.



Bought from an approved dealership.

Second hand or brand new.

Purchased from April 2017 to 2022.

Past or present cars.


It has been discovered that certain vehicles manufactured by Jaguar Land Rover are equipped with a potentially faulty Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) system and this issue could compromise both the safety and environmental efficiency of the vehicle. Additionally, affected vehicles might need more frequent and costly servicing, with some cases even requiring a replacement engine. Also, findings indicate that if the DPF system is defective, the affected vehicles are likely to experience a diminished resale value.

To hold the manufacturers accountable and secure the appropriate redress, join the group action claim now.


The purpose of the DPF system is to eliminate and cleanse accumulated soot and pollutants in the vehicle exhaust, ensuring optimal regeneration. A malfunctioning DPF system hinders proper regeneration, leading to system clogs and a decline in the vehicle’s engine performance.

A blocked DPF system can result in reduced vehicle speed and compromised road safety. Additionally, the presence of soot contributes to air pollution, causing the vehicle to potentially fall short of advertised environmental standards.

Our partner law firm will be bringing the claim against Jaguar Land Rover Automotive Plc and any other relevant Jaguar Land Rover entity, as well as authorised Jaguar Land Rover finance companies or dealerships who have sold, leased or financed defective vehicles.

It has been discovered that Jaguar Land Rover has installed a potentially faulty DPF system in specific vehicles. This could have implications for the safety and environmental efficiency of the vehicle. Moreover, affected vehicles may necessitate more frequent and costlier servicing, potentially even requiring a new engine. Our findings indicate that if the DPF system is defective, the vehicle is likely to experience a diminished resale value.

The models that are included in the claim are:

  • Land Rover Discovery Sport (L550)
  • Range Rover Evoque (L538 and L551)
  • Jaguar E-Pace (X450)
  • Range Rover (L405)
  • Range Rover Sport (L494)
  • Land Rover Discovery (L462)

The affected vehicles must have been purchased between April 2017 and 2022 (apart from the Jaguar E-Pace X450 which must have been purchased between April 2017 and 2021).

It’s possible that your claim could be worth thousands of pounds.

The level of compensation you may receive as a result of the claim will be dependant on a number of factors such as:

  • How much you paid for the vehicle;
  • Whether you have paid additional servicing and/or repair costs as a result of Jaguar Land Rover fitting your vehicle with a defective DPF system; and
  • Any depreciation of the value of your vehicle.

Any additional losses you may have suffered as a result of the defective DPF system will also be considered, the legal team will keep you updated if there are any changes.

The claims will be ran on a “no-win-no-fee” basis. You will pay no money upfront for our partner law firm to represent you in your defective DPF system claim against Jaguar Land Rover, and any authorised finance companies or dealerships. If you lose, you will not pay for any services provided by our partner law firm. If you win, the legal team will receive a portion of your compensation as payment for representing you.

It is difficult to say at the early stages of an English litigation how long the claims might take. Length of claims depends on a number of factors outside our partner law firm’s control, including the approach that Jaguar Land Rover and any other defendants will take to the litigation.  Group claims of this type may take two to five years to progress through the Court, but it could take much longer. The length of time the claim takes will depend on any complexities arising within the litigation.

Our partner law firm will update you regularly with more information on the timescale of your case, particularly in relation to timescale for next steps, which can be predicted more accurately.

They are at a very early stage of the claims, where they are gathering information and evidence in relation to the claims.

In due course they are optimistic that they will be in a position to advise you to issue court proceedings. They will be working with other firms who are also instructed in relation to these claims, and between them they are then likely to make an application for a Group Litigation Order. A Group Litigation Order allows for claims with common/related issues to be heard and managed together, rather than on an individual basis, making it far more efficient.

As well as pursuing court proceedings our partner law firm will explore all possible ways of achieving your objectives, including mediation or some other alternative dispute resolution procedure if appropriate and if Jaguar Land Rover and any other defendants will agree to it.

You will be provided with regular updates from our partner law firm, particularly after significant milestones in your claim.

Yes. You can still claim if you have sold your vehicle as long as you can show that you have previously owned the affected vehicle.

Yes. Your claim is not affected if you purchased your vehicle pre-owned/second hand from a registered Jaguar Land Rover dealership.

Please note that clients who have purchased their vehicle pre-owned may be entitled to less compensation than those clients who purchased their vehicles new.

A successful class action was brought to trial against Toyota in the Australian courts in April 2022, and upheld on appeal in March 2023. The action was brought by a representative of the affected group, which comprised 264,170 vehicles that had been fitted with defective DPF systems. The case was decided in favour of the (representative) claimant, who received an award of damages equal to a 10 percent reduction in the value of their vehicle.

Law firms in Australia have since been bringing class actions against Jaguar Land Rover for fitting their vehicles with defective DPF systems.

Our partner law firm may request documents that relate to any servicing or repairs that have been done to your vehicle. An example of these documents may be:

  • Service invoices;
  • MOT invoices;
  • Any service documents specifically relating to your DPF system;
  • Engine replacement invoices; and
  • Recall letters.

If you have not yet known of any issues with your DPF system, then that is not a problem and will not affect your claim.